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Frauds, Scams, and Thefts: What, How and Why?

The primary objective of this course is for students to gain a conceptual understanding of how fraud occurs, how it can be prevented, and how fraud can be detected through practical application of skills and tools. This course provides general background relating to fraud (e.g. history, prevalence, psychology), and it delves into the myriad types of fraud, scams and theft. This course also examines the trends in fraud detection and investigation; and introduces and explores with students the constant tension between public order and civil liberties in white collar crime, forensics, and hacking.

Sister Courses: BMGT289A, BMGT289B, BMGT289E, BMGT289F, BMGT289I, BMGT289J, BMGT289K, BMGT289L, BMGT289M

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