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Exploring Leadership: Are Hidden Forces at Work?

Addresses key dimensions of leadership behavior: personal integrity, self-awareness, vision, emotional intelligence, personality, communication, organizational competence, and empowering people and teams. The course invites students on a journey of professional exploration, understanding and development--with the explicit goal of enabling students to embark on a path of personal leadership development. To achieve this goal, the course offers an extensive examination of leadership in organizations and provides students with a set of experiences that are designed to enhance their self-awareness and capacity for effective leadership. Opportunities are provided through assessments, simulations, group exercises, discussion, case studies and readings to develop leadership skills and the capability to motivate, collaborate, negotiate, manage group dynamics, and communicate effectively. Through the academic study of leadership, self-assessments, practice and reflection, students learn the strengths and limitations of their own leadership style that will assist them in becoming a more effective leader.

Sister Courses: BMGT289A, BMGT289B, BMGT289D, BMGT289E, BMGT289F, BMGT289I, BMGT289K, BMGT289L, BMGT289M

Fall 2021

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