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Special Topics in Biology; Pathophysiology of Cardiac Disorders

Credit cannot be applied to the requirements of any Biological Sciences Major. Prerequisite: BSCI330 This course is designed to apply the basics of science you have already learned to medical disorders of the heart. You will start with the anatomy and physiology of the heart with progression into how alteration s to the system can lead to dysfunction.

Sister Courses: BSCI338A, BSCI338B, BSCI338D, BSCI338E, BSCI338F, BSCI338G, BSCI338I, BSCI338J, BSCI338K, BSCI338L, BSCI338M, BSCI338N, BSCI338O, BSCI338P, BSCI338Q, BSCI338R, BSCI338T, BSCI338V, BSCI338X, BSCI338Z

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