Special Topics in Biology; Pathophysiology of Circulatory System

(Sponsoring Dept: BIOL). Acceptable towards Biological Sciences Speciailization Areas: ZOOL, PHNB, GENB, and CEBG. Prerequisite: BSCI230 or BSCI330; or permission of instructor. Seminar course focusing on the physiology of the cardiovascular system and on the rationales behind the development of specific drugs and intervention methodologies used in the treatments of pathological conditions.

Sister Courses: BSCI338A, BSCI338B, BSCI338C, BSCI338E, BSCI338F, BSCI338G, BSCI338K, BSCI338L, BSCI338M, BSCI338N, BSCI338O, BSCI338Q, BSCI338R, BSCI338T, BSCI338V, BSCI338X, BSCI338Z

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