Special Topics in Biology; Seminar on Deregulated Cell Growth in Cancer and Drug Development

Prerequisite: BSCI330. (Sponsoring Dept.: BIOL). Acceptable towards Biological Sciences Specialization Areas: PHNB and GENB. This is a seminar-style course meant to give students opportunities to research independently, prepare, and present professional-level lecturesfocusing on topics in cancer biology and on the developments of anti-cancer drugs.

Sister Courses: BSCI338A, BSCI338B, BSCI338C, BSCI338E, BSCI338F, BSCI338K, BSCI338L, BSCI338M, BSCI338N, BSCI338O, BSCI338P, BSCI338Q, BSCI338R, BSCI338T, BSCI338V, BSCI338X, BSCI338Z

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