Special Topics in Terrorism Studies; Terrorist Hostage Taking

Examine different forms of hostage taking and consider approaches to studying behavior, along with the problems inherent in such research. Weekly topics will include issues such as scripts and patterned behavior, victim resistance, what the Stockholm Syndrome might really mean. This course explores the tactical choices of terrorist groups, the responses of the other players and how the combinations might impact the end results.

Sister Courses: BSST338B, BSST338C, BSST338D, BSST338E, BSST338G, BSST338J, BSST338K, BSST338L, BSST338M, BSST338O, BSST338P, BSST338Q, BSST338R, BSST338V, BSST338W, BSST338Y

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