Reviews for professors for EDHD210

Professor Information Review
Francine Marchese
Expecting an A+
Anonymous 11/05/2019
Not such a good teacher... but extremely easy class and super easy to get an A. Wants the best for her students, and grades assignments very easily
Natasha Cabrera
Expecting a B+
Anonymous 12/17/2011
Professor Cabrera has been hands down one of my least favorite professors. She is EXTREMELY scatter brained and it is impossible to follow her in class. Not to mention she is extremely boring and sitting through a three hour class with her is pure torture. She doesn't specify criteria for papers and is horrible and grading them in a timely matter and is a very hard grader. She's very unresponsive to student concerns and I can honestly say that I learned nothing from her. Avoid her if you can.
Melanie Killen
Anonymous 12/13/2009
Dr. Killen is awesome!!