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Seminar in Comparative Politics; Researching the Middle East

Introduces religion, gender, and politics in the Middle East and North Africa. After an overview of the political and social history the focus will be on methods for carrying out fundamental issues facing Middle Eastern societies, including national identity, religion, gender relations and the status of women in the family, politics, education, and labor market.

Sister Courses: GVPT459A, GVPT459B, GVPT459C, GVPT459D, GVPT459E, GVPT459F, GVPT459G, GVPT459H, GVPT459I, GVPT459J, GVPT459K, GVPT459L, GVPT459M, GVPT459N, GVPT459O, GVPT459P, GVPT459Q, GVPT459R, GVPT459T, GVPT459V, GVPT459W, GVPT459X, GVPT459Y

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