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Special Topics in Historic Preservation; Three-Dimensional Digital Documentation: Using Laser-based Measurement Systems

Cross-listed with ARCH478O, ARCH678O, ANTH448R, and ANTH632. Credit only granted for: ARCH478O, ARCH678O, ANTH448R, ANTH632 or HISP619O. This course focuses on the fundamentals of documenting components of the built environment and the landscapes in which they are located. It focuses on the use of lasers to calculate 3-D measurements at various scales, from objects, to buildings, and landscapes. It will cover data management and archiving, field documentation processes, and post-processing of scan point clouds. This includes the production of deliverables for clients or project partners, such as plans, elevations, orthoimagery, and cleaned exported point clouds in formats that are compatible with Autodesk software and other CAD or rendering software platforms. This course is intended for students working in fields that rely on accurately documenting components of the built environment in three dimension, including architects, engineers, preservationists, archaeologists, or digital designers.

Sister Courses: HISP619A, HISP619B, HISP619C, HISP619L, HISP619M, HISP619N, HISP619Y

Spring 2021

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