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Senior Seminar; Heresy and Inquisition in the Middle Ages

This research seminar will explore the challenges that face historians who study medieval heresy. Using the testimony of people tried as Christian heretics, secret Jews, and witches, students will learn methods for working with potentially unreliable sources, and discuss the ethics of interpreting material produced by persecution and torture.

Sister Courses: HIST408A, HIST408B, HIST408C, HIST408D, HIST408E, HIST408F, HIST408G, HIST408I, HIST408J, HIST408K, HIST408L, HIST408M, HIST408N, HIST408O, HIST408P, HIST408R, HIST408T, HIST408V, HIST408W, HIST408X, HIST408Y, HIST408Z

Spring 2022

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