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Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/23/2015
Professor: Dr. Bianchini is a very knowledgeable and passionate professor.You can tell she's an expert on the subject matter. She Grades fast and takes no bs when it comes to plagiarism. I never really talked to her personally but she comes off as nice. One thing to note, Bianchini doesn't dramatize her lectures like some history professors do. There's absolutely no theatrics over murders, battles, etc. the class is interesting because the subject matter itself is inherently interesting. Course: Personally, the course was relatively easy, considering you take very thorough notes and attend each class. There are email responses which are short essays based off reading material she gives due every week. It is essential you complete all email responses because they make the difference between an A and a B. Also, material from the responses show up on exams. Attendance: Attendance isn't required, however there are participation points in each class, so you'll only hurt yourself. The reason I gave a 4 instead of a 5 is because she only takes mental notes when someone participates, instead of writing it down. Usually you have contribute two meaningful comments or questions to get a 100. I would do that, but apparently she forgot and would give me a 50% sometime. It is also essential to attend her class because I don't see how it would be possible to pass the exams without attending her class to take notes. Exams: The exams consist of multiple choice with possibility of extra credit, short answer with possibility of extra credit, short essay questions based off the readings (pick 3 out of 5), and an essay question about the themes of the class (pick 1 out of 2). The exams are not tricky so long as you took good notes, and the extra credit really helps. She gives study guides each class to help you prepare for the exam which contain key terms and dates and they are very helpful. Overall: Interesting class, great professor, highly recommended.

Anonymous 11/27/2012
Everything the other reviewer said is true. She's clear, easy to follow, but still does a good job addressing the complexities of the subject matter. She is one of the best lecturers I've had. If you attend lecture and pay attention, the exams will be easy.

Anonymous 11/05/2012
Dr. Bianchini is my favorite professor at Maryland, hands down. Her lectures are incredibly clear, straight forward, and interesting. She definitely takes the time to answer questions and make sure everyone understands. She even hands out guides for the lectures with key terms that are amazing study guides for the exams. She usually has a midterm and a final along with a 5-10 page paper and participation points. She also assigns weekly discussion responses based on a primary source reading but they are very easy and opinion based. She is a fair grader and amazing lecturer and I always try to take whatever classes she is offering.