Special Topics in History; Constructing the Past in Early Islam

Cross-listed with RELS419C. Credit only granted for HIST429M or RELS419C. An exploration of historical writing in the medieval Islamic world. How did early Islamic-era scholars define their relationship to the past, torn between memory and oblivion? How did they build narratives about the formative period of Islam that became so influential and long-lasting, determining in a fundamental way the access that all future generations (including us) would have to alternative pasts?

Sister Courses: HIST429A, HIST429B, HIST429C, HIST429D, HIST429E, HIST429F, HIST429G, HIST429I, HIST429J, HIST429K, HIST429L, HIST429N, HIST429O, HIST429P, HIST429Q, HIST429R, HIST429T, HIST429V, HIST429W, HIST429X, HIST429Y, HIST429Z

Spring 2022

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