Tradition and Change: Jewish Religion in the Modern World

Cross-listed with: JWST347, RELS347. Credit only granted for: RELS347, JWST347, HIST429X, or RELS419R. Formerly: RELS419R. An exploration of the history of the different modern Jewish religious movements that developed in Europe, starting with messianic movements and ending with Reform and Orthodoxy. Emphasis will be placed on the influence of the academic study of Judaism on the development of modern Jewish religious ideologies and practices.

Sister Courses: HIST429A, HIST429B, HIST429C, HIST429D, HIST429E, HIST429F, HIST429G, HIST429I, HIST429J, HIST429K, HIST429L, HIST429M, HIST429N, HIST429O, HIST429P, HIST429Q, HIST429R, HIST429T, HIST429V, HIST429W, HIST429Y, HIST429Z

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