Specialized Topics in News Writing and Reporting; Product Development

Prerequisite: JOUR620. Students will learn how to approach news publications as products that can be assessed and continually improved to meet changing audience needs and ensure support for their organization. We'll cover product and design thinking frameworks and business fundamentals - culminating in team-based projects to help existing and new news projects serve their audiences and meet their strategic goals.

Sister Courses: JOUR628A, JOUR628B, JOUR628C, JOUR628E, JOUR628G, JOUR628I, JOUR628J, JOUR628L, JOUR628M, JOUR628N, JOUR628O, JOUR628P, JOUR628Q, JOUR628R, JOUR628T, JOUR628U, JOUR628V, JOUR628W, JOUR628X, JOUR628Y, JOUR628Z

Spring 2022

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