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Specialized Topics in News Writing and Reporting; Finding, Cultivating and Protecting Human Sources

Prerequisite or corequisite: JOUR620. This course will teach you how to find the right people to help you begin and deepen your reporting on any subject. We will learn methods to approach and interview people you have never spoken to before, how to create trusting relationships with people and how to convince sensitive sources to open up and tell you things that will lead to the best stories. You will learn the techniques used by accomplished journalists and you will overcome your reluctance, no matter how naturally shy you may be, to talk on the phone and engage face-to-face with people. This course will make you a better journalist and will show you how rewarding (and fun) it is to poke around the dark, difficult-to-reach corners of life.

Sister Courses: JOUR628B, JOUR628C, JOUR628D, JOUR628E, JOUR628I, JOUR628J, JOUR628L, JOUR628M, JOUR628N, JOUR628P, JOUR628R, JOUR628V, JOUR628W, JOUR628X

Fall 2021

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