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Specialized Topics in News Writing and Reporting; Advanced Feature Writing

Prerequisite: JOUR689F or permission of instructor. In this course, advanced journalism students will explore the journalistic components that make up compelling, richly reported, non-fiction feature stories for newspapers and magazines. Students will study advanced techniques in feature reporting and feature writing. Students also will explore how to write compelling non-fiction narratives and feature stories that focus on characters and settings. Students will study the techniques that award-winning feature writers use to pull newspaper readers into a richly reported, compelling non-fiction narratives. We will focus on an investigative reporting and feature writing project that explores the role of white-owned newspapers in advocating racial terror lynchings and massacres of Black people in U.S. history.

Sister Courses: JOUR628B, JOUR628C, JOUR628D, JOUR628E, JOUR628I, JOUR628J, JOUR628L, JOUR628M, JOUR628N, JOUR628P, JOUR628R, JOUR628V, JOUR628W, JOUR628Y

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