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Expecting an A
Anonymous 06/30/2012
Yes, Bradbury is horrible professor, but overall the class was not too bad because I actually put effort into the class. I hate history, and am horrible at it, and managed t get an A in the class. Bradbury's lectures are dry and dull. not only is he barely audible, but it is very easy to let your mind wander. Sometimes, he would say something insightful, and it really did help to actually go to lecture because the textbook is loaded with a lot of crap, and most of it you can ignore, and just focus on what is emphasized in lecture and discussion. You must, must, MUST go to discussion (and actually participate)! Your TAs grade the final, and it is all essays, so you need to get on your TA's good side and actually put some effort into the class. Participating in discussion, understanding the themes, and taking notes in discussion is the key to getting a good grade in the class! If you can take a different class, do so because there is a lot of information in this class, and you do a lot of pointless reading that you will not be tested on. This class focuses more on themes, so if you like memorizing timelines and names of historical figures, this is not a good class for you. If you like boring professors, reading a lot, and taking a final exam that is worth 40% of your grade, then i recommend this class.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 04/11/2012
Those of you complaining are not really listening to him. He is not going to read the book to you!! He is reviewing the themes in the book. My TA is amazing and I have learned a lot about American History, but I go to most of the classes and all the discussions. Go to discussion and actually listen, read your text, review the notes for the tests and you will get an easy A.

Anonymous 12/14/2011
the only reason i gave him one star was bec zero stars is not an option. its honestly not fair that he is still teaching. i know it sounds harsh, but i did not learn a single thing all semester. It a waist of time and money if you enroll in any classes taught by him. his lectures were boring and he talks 43 words per minute (yes i actually counted once). his midterms were take home essays, but they are extremely vague and you can literally talk about anything. i know that sounds easy but when you actually care about your grade its not. bottom line, hes the worst and avoid any classes he teaches

Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/13/2011
don't do it. i promise, this will be the worst experience of your life. it isn't interesting and because you don't have the ability to listen to him speak, everything takes more time. i can guarantee you are wasting your money by taking this course and you will not walk out knowing anything new. sorry bradbury.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 11/07/2011
I don't understand all the hate for Bradbury. All of the other history professors insist on giving their students 100+ identifications to memorize for exams and Bradbury gives, like, 30. Sure, he talks VERY slowly, but he actually has some pretty interesting stuff to talk about. If you're looking for a history teacher who isn't a slow-speaking old man, then you're out of luck, because they don't exist at UMD.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/18/2010
This class is utterly miserable. The professor speaks maybe one sentence per minute. I learned absolutely nothing that I didn't know about U.S. history already. Discussion participation is worth 30% of your grade so you need to go. My TA, Alda, was also really strict about her "point system" for discussion participation and sometimes you would be involved in the discussion and she still wouldn't give you credit. Get a different class if at all possible. This is miserable

Expecting a C+
Anonymous 06/28/2009
Boring. A lot of reading. A 7 page paper on a book you have to read and nothing else. Also 2 essay exams.

Expecting an A
mbane 04/29/2009
WOW he sucks. Save yourself the sleep and never attend lecture. He speaks a total of 3 sentences on nothing for the duration of class because he speaks so slow. He'll spend more time hitting on that one old person who is in your class. Your read the worst books and you have to outline every chapter every week. You have a retarded paper to do too. Avoid this teacher. Discussion is where you learn. Class will be easy if you just put in the time.

Expecting an A-
shaipie 07/14/2008
I went to all of 3 lectures after joining the class 2 wks late. He speaks a word a minute and there simply isnt a point to going to class - All but 20 of 150 ppl thought so too. My TA was amazing - Stephen - and discussion is the only reason I got an A-. I got a 91 on the midterm, 95 on the final, and a B+ on the essay. This was bc the TA would give us a list of about 50 events/people/terms, 10 of which would be asked about on the test. He hinted as to which major event might be asked about as the essay.

Anonymous 05/06/2008
If you are deciding whether or not to take this class. DO NOT TAKE IT. 1)Lots of reading. 2)7 page paper. 3)Have to buy lots of books -Textbook -Document book(which they make you use, but barely) -3 Other independent reading books.(All of which are very boring and uninteresting. One of which you will write your paper on.) 4)Professor generally walks in/starts class 10 minutes late. 5)After the first couple of lectures, the attendance must drop to like 1/5. 6)Halfway through the semester you will want to kill yourself. If you have any other alternatives, take them. Do not take this class unless its your absolutely last option.