Information Review
Faedra Carpenter

Expecting an A-
I'm not a Theater major, but I expect that people in the major probably like this professor alot. This class really made me step outside of my comfort zone and think about race in performance. There area readings and a small single spaced paper every week, but if you're not doing as well as you think you should on them and you talk to her about it, she will really try to help you. She let us write extra credit papers on basically anything at semester's end and really tried to help us out. Great, energetic professor I definitely recommend!
Faedra Carpenter

Expecting an A
this course was really interesting if you like reading and discussing. personally i loved it because Carpenter is an AMAZING professor. she is so animated and passionate about what she teaches and does her best to make everything as interesting as possible. she mixes up the readings with movies and even brings snacks to some classes. the only downside is that there is A LOT OF WORK. she assigns 1-2 plays to read per week and for each of the plays you need to write a one page (single spaced) reaction NOT Summary discussion major themes, motifs, etc and how they tie into the "american dream" sometimes she gives you a break and lets you watch the movie in class instead of reading the play. there are two big papers ( i think it was around 7 pages double spaced each) which i did well on but i knew a lot of people struggled make sure 1) you go to the writing center if you have bad grammar 2) you have her read over it before you turn it in, i did this both times and received really high marks. not because im that great of a writer but because she goes out of her way to help you out. she is the kind of teacher you remember from that great high school english class that even made ppl who hated english learn to like it. the final was a creative project. most people wrote original plays and acted them out. just do your work. go to class (attendance/participation matters), keep up with the work. if you like reading and analysis this is the class for you. but remember the plays take 30-60 min to read each and the writeups 30-60 min each. which sums up to about 3-4 hours a week.