Allen Davis

This professor has taught: EDSP652, ENCE215, ENCE310, ENCE412, ENCE650, ENCE688C, ENCE688F, ENCE751, ENCE799
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Allen Davis

Expecting a P
Dr. Davis is a tough professor, but very fair and very knowledgable. Things are generally explained pretty clearly with examples and his lectures are straightforward. The syllabus lays everything out, including all the assignments and their value, and he will stick to this. He told us from the beginning that the pass cutoff would be no higher than 55%, so 55% of points would guarantee a pass. Therefore there is a decent curve so do not panic if your grade is a bit low, especially on exams- they are tough but other parts of your grade will bring it up. The only problem I had with this class was that due to it being open book, oftentimes we needed to look up values from a chart, but this would not be specified, so it could be unclear when to assume and when you had to hunt through the book to find some chart. However, I believe his tests are only open book due to being online for COVID, so this would probably not be a problem in a normal semester and charts would be provided. I would also say it's very important to go to class and focus on lecture. The book is not great and doesn't follow exactly what he says, so without the equations and examples he gives out in class you will likely be lost.
Allen Davis

Alan Davis is a rather tough professor. He is incredibly knowledgeable but sometimes holds students to higher standards because of this. The example problems he does are helpful but he only does one example for each type of question. Often on the exams questions would be modified from the practice version, but no one would know how to solve it the new way. Davis breezes through complicated stuff too quickly, however, that might be attributed to the fact that ENCE 215 has way too much material to cover. You should learn a decent amount but your GPA might suffer.