Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering; Traffic Signal Control

This course will introduce several key methodologies and models for design of traffic signal for urban networks, including isolated intersection arterial signal progression, multi-modal traffic signal progression, a nd network decomposition. Both the pre-timed signals with off-line data and real-time adaptive controls with various surveillance systems will be covered in the topics of system implementation. Students for this course are expected to have the traffic engineering background or some exposure on Traffic flow theory.

Sister Courses: ENCE688B, ENCE688D, ENCE688E, ENCE688F, ENCE688G, ENCE688I, ENCE688J, ENCE688K, ENCE688L, ENCE688M, ENCE688N, ENCE688O, ENCE688P, ENCE688Q, ENCE688R, ENCE688T, ENCE688V, ENCE688W, ENCE688X, ENCE688Y, ENCE688Z

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