Information Review
Cynthia Martin

Expecting an A-
This class was a first semester trial course, as they were given a grant. Because of this, it was a rather disorganized course. The two week schedule that repeated looked like; Two large group discussions in English, and the lecturer is either from a language cluster- Spanish, French, German, Persian, or Portuguese, & then a small group discussion in the language cluster with extra learning resources in that language. My two favorite lectures were presented by Dr. Martin (Russian language) & Dr. Lima (Portuguese language). There was emphasis on participation and without it, the class did not run smoothly. I would take it again, now that they have feedback to improve. Grading was weird, as there were no rubrics and you couldn’t see your grade until it was put into Testudo. Dr. Frisch, the French cluster professor would assume that we knew what was being taught, and even though I tried to participate, it was often questioned. Dr. Frisch wants everyone to succeed, ultimately, & she is very kind & accommodating, she can just be a little harsh when responding to questions.