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Information Review

Anonymous 12/02/2011
Coming into class while already having taken a stats class will make the first part of the material very easy. All tests are open book, including the final. Homework assignments will help your grade have a little boost. Lab is annoying, but you have to go to turn in homework. Unfortunately this class was so early (8am) and boring. He tries to make it funny, but honestly there's no fixing that the class gets dead boring, and often too. But he's a really nice professor, and answers all your questions. One issue are the tests. It's not necessarily 'hard' but he is very picky about answers. To make sure you don't get points off you must write everything and anything. and I don't just mean showing work, you have to say why you are doing what you are doing. Printing PP slides is so helpful for tests.

Anonymous 05/27/2011
Dr. Mohr is an excellent professor. He was fair, responded promptly to emails and tried to make the class interesting. He posts his lectures online which was really helpful when it came to studying for tests. There's a homework assignment each week, which isn't hard but usually it can take 3-4 hours. But don't worry about that, because as long as you attempt the homework, you will receive full credit. The exams are open notes. I definitely recommend Mohr to others.

Expecting an A
NeuroSciX 04/11/2011
I want to tell you that I'm not done taking this course. However I've completed around 70% of it and can tell you that overall he's a very chill man and overall likes his subject. His grading scheme is out of 200 points overall with 2 tests + final + hwk + a paper, 186+ = A. He also has ~4 extra credit points and if you've taken stat100/math111 you'll find most of the material pretty manageable. TL;DR take him, he'll make Psyc200 easier for you. Oh and he's pretty flamboyant.. So he's pretty lively and what not.