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Special Topics in Data Gathering and Analysis; Community-Engaged Research and Service

In this course, students will research, develop and present journalism- related workshops in diverse community forums as part of an effort to foster trust and understanding between the press and the public. Students will establish relationships with community partners, conduct research using methods such as surveys, focus groups and interviews to to identify issues of concern relating to the media, and find and analyze academic literature that addresses those issues. Finally, students will produce and present an interactive program that uses Participatory Action Research (PAR) to engage participants on collaborative solutions. (Course supported by The School of Public Policy's Do Good Institute).

Sister Courses: JOUR479A, JOUR479C, JOUR479D, JOUR479E, JOUR479F, JOUR479G, JOUR479I, JOUR479J, JOUR479K, JOUR479L, JOUR479M, JOUR479N, JOUR479O, JOUR479P, JOUR479V, JOUR479Z

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