Seminar; Islamic Discourses in the Digital Age

The introduction of new media, such as the Internet, satellite television and cell phones, in the Arab/Muslim world imposed new realities and invited new dynamics, whether in the political, social, cultural or communication landscapes. This course tackles the complexities and implications of this new digital age, with all its multi-faceted dimensions. It pays special attention to the discourses and deliberations exchanged in cyberspace between Muslims and non-Muslims, on one hand, as well as between Muslims belonging to different sects, on the other hand. In doing so, it unpacks the myriad of complex factors which could be conducive, or constraining, to digital dialogue and their multiple religious, political, social and cultural implications.

Sister Courses: COMM498A, COMM498B, COMM498C, COMM498D, COMM498E, COMM498F, COMM498G, COMM498I, COMM498J, COMM498K, COMM498L, COMM498M, COMM498N, COMM498O, COMM498Q, COMM498R, COMM498T, COMM498V, COMM498X, COMM498Y, COMM498Z

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