Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering; Principles of Disaster Management

This course covers the complexities and unique requirements that arise in preparing for, responding to, recovering from and mitigating against natural disasters. It focuses on what the Manager should know to handle pre- and post-disaster projects. The course introduces underlying policies, programs and emergency management protocols related to managing natural disasters. It translates the lexicons of emergency management to align with project management tools and processes. The course also explores the challenges of executing and delivering projects and programs during each phase of the emergency management cycle. The student will learn to build disaster-resilient concepts and emergency management into project management processes and be better equipped to contribute to a more sustainable and disaster-resilience future.

Sister Courses: ENCE688C, ENCE688D, ENCE688E, ENCE688F, ENCE688G, ENCE688I, ENCE688J, ENCE688K, ENCE688L, ENCE688M, ENCE688N, ENCE688O, ENCE688P, ENCE688Q, ENCE688R, ENCE688T, ENCE688V, ENCE688W, ENCE688X, ENCE688Y, ENCE688Z

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