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Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering; Disaster Resilience Seminar

This seminar with address varied topics in identifying, analyzing, assessing, and managing engineered systems resilient to natural, anthropogenic, and other hazards. This seminar series comprises guest lectures and internal faculty and student presentations on topics related to disaster resilience. Examples are drawn from foundational concepts; hazard science; planning, engineering, and design; risk and resilience assessment; and implementation.

Sister Courses: ENCE688, ENCE688A, ENCE688B, ENCE688C, ENCE688D, ENCE688E, ENCE688F, ENCE688G, ENCE688I, ENCE688J, ENCE688K, ENCE688L, ENCE688M, ENCE688N, ENCE688O, ENCE688P, ENCE688Q, ENCE688R, ENCE688U, ENCE688V, ENCE688W, ENCE688X, ENCE688Y

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