Explorations in Arts and Humanities; Metaphor: The Art of Connecting the Self to Others

First-year freshman in the College of Arts and Humanities. Many scientists believe that metaphors are fundamental to human thought and action, allowing us to process new information in terms of the familiar. In this course, we will examine the role of metaphor in literature, visual arts, and history. We will consider what metaphor suggests about the connections between the objects, cultures, and peoples of our world.

Sister Courses: ARHU158A, ARHU158C, ARHU158D, ARHU158E, ARHU158F, ARHU158G, ARHU158I, ARHU158J, ARHU158K, ARHU158L, ARHU158M, ARHU158N, ARHU158O, ARHU158P, ARHU158Q, ARHU158R, ARHU158T, ARHU158U, ARHU158V, ARHU158W, ARHU158Y, ARHU158Z

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