Explorations in Arts and Humanities; The Practice of Embodied Learning

first semester freshmen in the College of Arts and Humanities. This course explores the movement of learning, how we exist within our bodies as we engage in our studies and how to have healthier relationships with our bodies that can carry through a lifetime. Physical practice is a key component of this course - students will engage in embodied research methodologies in order to bring a heightened state of awareness in the body system. Students will especially draw inspiration from the fields of dance, theatre, communication, and gender studies and discover how the Arts and Humanities have facilitated better intercommunication through creative collaboration of bodies in space together.

Sister Courses: ARHU158A, ARHU158B, ARHU158C, ARHU158D, ARHU158E, ARHU158F, ARHU158G, ARHU158I, ARHU158J, ARHU158K, ARHU158L, ARHU158M, ARHU158O, ARHU158P, ARHU158Q, ARHU158R, ARHU158T, ARHU158U, ARHU158V, ARHU158W, ARHU158Y, ARHU158Z

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