Explorations in Arts and Humanities; The Democratic Medium: Printmaking and the Power of the Multiple

Restricted to first semester first year students in the College of Arts and Humanities. The invention of the metal moveable-type printing press provided for the expansion of literacy and empowered the spread of revolutionary propaganda and eventually brought about democratic changes in many parts of the world. The Democratic Medium: Printmaking and the Power of the Multiple will introduce students to the history of printmaking and its power create change and consider its relationship to the present day and how the invention of the internet created similar ripple effects on increasing change in societies around the world, as seen in the current Black Lives Matter movement. Alongside discussions and lectures, students will gain hands-on experience in the creation of printed materials through the department of Art's printmaking studio.

Sister Courses: ARHU158A, ARHU158B, ARHU158C, ARHU158D, ARHU158E, ARHU158F, ARHU158G, ARHU158I, ARHU158J, ARHU158K, ARHU158L, ARHU158M, ARHU158N, ARHU158O, ARHU158P, ARHU158Q, ARHU158R, ARHU158T, ARHU158U, ARHU158V, ARHU158W, ARHU158Z

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