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Explorations in Arts and Humanities; Who am I? The Power of Identity and Labeling in Multicultural Societies

first-semester freshmen in the College of Arts and Humanities. How do you define yourself? How do others label you? Through research studies, literature, film and media, students will explore how personal and cultural histories, stereotypes, and relationships between and within majority and minority groups create our identities and senses of self in multicultural America.

Sister Courses: ARHU158A, ARHU158B, ARHU158D, ARHU158E, ARHU158F, ARHU158G, ARHU158I, ARHU158J, ARHU158K, ARHU158L, ARHU158M, ARHU158N, ARHU158O, ARHU158P, ARHU158Q, ARHU158R, ARHU158T, ARHU158U, ARHU158V, ARHU158W, ARHU158Y, ARHU158Z

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