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Special Topics in Iberian and Latin American Studies; Cervantes: Don Quixote

Prerequisite: SPAN331, SPAN332, SPAN333, SPAN361, SPAN362, or SPAN363; or permission of instructor. The course will consist in a chapter by chapter commentary of Don Quixote. The novel will be commented at the literal and historical levels, as well as in its symbolical and widely anthropological dimensions. We will attempt to establish a dialogue between Don Quixote and the narrative and philosophical traditions of Europe, United States and Latin America. We will also take into consideration Don Quixote s universal impact in music, popular culture and the visual arts.

Sister Courses: SPAN408A, SPAN408B, SPAN408C, SPAN408E, SPAN408F, SPAN408G, SPAN408I, SPAN408J, SPAN408K, SPAN408L, SPAN408M, SPAN408N, SPAN408O, SPAN408P, SPAN408Q, SPAN408R, SPAN408T, SPAN408U, SPAN408V, SPAN408W, SPAN408X, SPAN408Y, SPAN408Z

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