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Special Topics in Iberian and Latin American Studies; Digitalizing Latinx Borders

This course is about how contemporary migrant stories can shape our perception and reality in the digital era. We will read, watch, explore, theorize, and engage in analytical discussions about digital projects, novels, short stories, and documentaries that tell stories about undocumented migration in Latin America, as well as about physical, geographical, methodological, and metaphorical borders. Most importantly, this course will help us imagine, share and make an impact in the digital world with the stories we want to tell using social media and multimedia projects as essential tools to create socially responsible communities. Taught in English.

Sister Courses: SPAN408A, SPAN408B, SPAN408C, SPAN408D, SPAN408E, SPAN408F, SPAN408G, SPAN408I, SPAN408J, SPAN408K, SPAN408L, SPAN408M, SPAN408N, SPAN408O, SPAN408P, SPAN408Q, SPAN408R, SPAN408T, SPAN408V, SPAN408W, SPAN408X, SPAN408Y, SPAN408Z

Winter 2022

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