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Special Topics in Iberian and Latin American Studies; Tropical Dreams: Nature and Art in Brazil

Cross-listed with LASC448Y, LASC648Y, PORT408A and SPAN609A. Credit only granted for PORT408A, LASC448Y, LASC648Y, SPAN408O, or SPAN609A. This course explores how representations of nature in Brazilian literature and visual arts have informed constructions of nationhood as well as the critiques of the country's complex history of colonialism, exploitation, and inequality. Taught in English.

Sister Courses: SPAN408A, SPAN408B, SPAN408C, SPAN408D, SPAN408E, SPAN408F, SPAN408G, SPAN408I, SPAN408J, SPAN408K, SPAN408L, SPAN408M, SPAN408N, SPAN408P, SPAN408Q, SPAN408R, SPAN408T, SPAN408U, SPAN408V, SPAN408W, SPAN408X, SPAN408Y, SPAN408Z

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